Proper eye relief is crucial to rapid target acquisition. The weapon needs to fit you, not vice-versa. With the proper length of pull you will have better site acquisition, comfort and control of your weapon. This all adds up to better accuracy and more targets hit! Standard length of pull is 13 1/2″. We can build your stock as short as 11″ and as long as 15″.

To measure your length of pull you should measure from the pad of your index finger to the inside of your bicep. It is important to make sure your index finger is in the position as if you were shooting the gun.

In this photo you will see that the L.O.P measurement is 13 5/8″. That means a 13 1/2″ L.O.P on the gunstock will work just fine!

Length of Pull

To check the length of pull on your rifle you should make sure your rifle is unloaded and safe to handle. Grip the rifle with your finger on the trigger. Lay the butt stock in the inside of your forearm, with the butt pad in front of your bicep. the recoil pad should just touch your bicep. If you hunt in cold weather you should subtract for clothing. Winter shooting would be a ball park of about an eighth of an inch.