What makes AI stocks unique?

The Accurate Innovations’ stocks are the only product of its kind that integrates the pride in ownership of a beautiful wooden stock with a full length aluminum chassis (patent pending). The chassis is CNC machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum, finished in black hard anodizing. This gives the completed rifle the finest foundation available. Combine this with a full free floating barrel and you get superior stability and repeatability shot after shot, year after year.

By combining the ultra stable force distributing bedding block system with Pachmayr Decelerator or Sims Limbsaver technologies, the stock delivers a mild ‘felt’ recoil compared to factory and most aftermarket stocks.

Innovative Advantages

Performance and Durability, Beauty and Simplicity are the hallmarks of Accurate Innovations rifle stocks. They are the finest, most accurate, unique wooden gunstocks on the market.
Performance and Durability

An all metal-to-metal fit is ensured by our patent pending full length aluminum chassis, which is 100% CAD/CAM designed and machined from a solid bar of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. The result is extreme precision and stability in our stock that is not found in standard wooden stocks. Aluminum pillars are press fitted into the bottom of the block to form a complete aluminum chassis system. With this metal-to-metal only system, the receiver is rigidly held and the barrel is allowed to free float. The section of the aluminum chassis that extends through the forend contains 2 massive, recoil distributing lugs that are embedded in 2 matching pockets in the stock. The forend swivel stud is secured through the end of the full-length chassis to ensure that it will never pull out.

The patent pending full-length aluminum chassis is secured to the stock with a special structural load bearing epoxy. This epoxy has superior tensile, peel, and sheer strength, which is very important when considering today’s modern magnums. As a matter of fact, the epoxy holds on so well that it is stronger than the wood itself; its standard operation temperature range is -67° to 150°F. In addition, this epoxy has elastomeric flexibility properties – even after full curing. This flexibility allows for different rates of expansion and contraction of the 2 materials, wood and aluminum, thus ensuring stable and consistent shooting in all weather conditions. Lastly, this flexibility greatly improves each material’s resistance to vibration fatigue and harmonic resonance. Also using this epoxy technology is our 4 ½” long steel pin. This pin is installed into the grip area to increase stability and safety in what has been a weaker area of a traditional wooden stock.

The Accurate Innovations stock is not only the most accurate wooden stock, but by far the strongest and safest on the market today.

Beauty and Simplicity

Distinguished by their classic flowing lines and balanced proportions, every Accurate Innovations gunstock is pleasing to the eye and to shoot.

Our standard walnut stock uses semi fancy Claro walnut which offers a combination of excellent color, contrast, or fiddleback. This wood is a superior value, like the finished stock it is made into. Higher grades are available at very reasonable prices as well.

All of our gunstocks are oil finished by hand for a look that is completely custom. We have spent a great deal of time researching the finest finishes available and are now using a ‘state of the art’ deep penetrating sealer with high polyurethane content. This sealer greatly hardens the wood, making it far more resistant to scratching and denting. After the sealer, these stocks are hand rubbed to a satin finish using Permalyn, a product that is readily available to the consumer at Brownells. This allows the owner of a Accurate Innovations stock to repair minor scratches and dings that might occur, with professional results.

Our laminate series of stocks are available in 4 colors at this time with more to possibly come. For finish, they sport the finest polyurethane available today. This polyurethane, however, is one of the hardest, most durable polyurethane available today. It contains UV protection to prevent sunlight from fading the wood or yellowing the finish. This crystal clear finish brings out the beauty of laminate without use of the traditional tints or other masking agents used today. Detail, character, and color are all preserved.

An accurate, beautiful wooden stock that is completely finished, with drop in ease of installation, is what you receive with every Accurate Innovations stock. Drop Dead Gorgeous Amazingly Accurate!