Jeff Engel with AI rifle stock

“In order to have a successful hunt you need quality equipment. Having the pleasure to use the gunstocks manufactured by Accurate Innovations I have found just that… quality and accuracy. The aluminum chassis …’Accurate Chassis’ bedding system works!” – Jeff Engel, host and producer of the television show Engel’s Outdoor Experience

No hassle, 100% inletted, drop in fit

The Accurate series rifle stocks by Accurate Innovations, Inc. are the finest wooden rifle stocks available, without equal. Our rifle stocks are the only ones in wood or laminate to utilize a patent pending, full-length aluminum chassis for a no hassle, 100% inletted drop in fit*. Our aluminum chassis is impervious to humidity variances seen in wood, temperature variances seen in some synthetics, and is far more rigid than any non aluminum chassis stock available. The results: super accuracy, consistency, and beauty!

No more fiddling around for hours on unfinished partially- inletted stocks. Just drop the barreled action in, screw in the floormetal and go to the range. Its barrel is already “free floated” and the action is “bed and pillared.” No more hidden costs on buying and installing performance pads, sling swivels, or bed and pillaring. It is, simply put, already installed, already done.

* for factory actions with factory barrels in most instances. We cannot control the factory tolerances, so in rare occasions very minor fitting may be necessary.

Real wood is a real option!